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[Premium Class] Peru
  • 날짜 예약 문의
  • 소요시간 2.5~3시간
  • 최소인원 4명
  • 최대인원 8명
[영어진행] 황홀한 맛의 천국, 남미 페루요리~!

200,000 won / 1 person

4명 이상 단체예약만 가능합니다.
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Lomo Saltado
로모 살타도

The Lomo saltado must be in the top ten of the most representative dishes of Peruvian gastronomy. Like much of our food, it is the result of the blending of cuisines and fusion of flavors. It is a dish that wouldn’t have been possible without the oriental contribution. According to historians, in 1849 the first Chinese immigrants arrived in our country bringing with them their seasoning, their ingredients and their utensils. The most important of them, the wok, was able to turn our stir-fries into flambé sautees. In the first inns, the classic beans and sautéed vegetables were prepared. Following a similar preparation process, some dishes such as beef tenderloin and chorrillana, lomo a la chorrillana merged and gave life to what we now know as lomo saltado.

- Beef tenderloin, red onions, tomatoes, garlic, fresh chili, cilantro, scallions, potatoes, rice, oil, salt, black pepper, white vinegar, oyster sauce, soy sauce

Ceviche Clasico 
세비체 클라시코

Peruvian ceviche is a traditional dish widely eaten in Peru. The method of preparing Peruvian ceviche is different to that of ceviches in other places where they use lemon, fish, potatoes, and other ingredients. In Peru, ceviche has been declared to be part of Peru's "national heritage" and even has a holiday declared in its honor. The modern version of Peruvian ceviche, which is similar to the method used in making Japanese sashimi, consists of fish marinated for a few minutes and served immediately. It was developed in the 1970s by Peruvian-Japanese chefs including Dario Matsufuji and Humberto Sato. Many Peruvian Cevicherías (Ceviche restaurants) serve a small glass of the marinade (as an appetizer) along with the fish, which is called leche de tigre.

- White Fish, red onions, garlic, spicy chili, lemon juice, celery, cilantro, fumet, sweet potatoes, fried corn (cancha)


Employment History:

Chef at Yankees Fisheries American Restaurant (Seoul Korea)
Chef de Partie Somssi Korean Dining Restaurant (Seoul Korea)
Chef de Partie (Internship) Bonte Innovate Asian Cuisine (Seoul Korea)
Chef at Dowon on the Plate Casual Restaurant (Seoul Korea)
Chef at Avome Avocado Brunch Restaurant (Seoul Korea)
Sous Chef at Pinosa Italian Restaurant (Seoul Korea)
Chef at Tanta Peruvian Restaurant (Lima Peru)
Sous Chef at Alma Spanish Restaurant (Seoul Korea)
Chef at Somos Latin Bar (Seoul Korea)
Chef de Partie at Nanka Fine Dining Peruvian Restaurant (Lima Peru)
Chef de Partie at Costa Brava Seafood Peruvian Restaurant (Lima Peru)
Chef de Partie at Espacio Alexandra Catering (Lima Peru)

D`gallia Hospitality Institute, Lima Peru (Professional Chef)
University San Ignacio de Loyola, Chefs School, Lima Peru (Diploma in Peruvian Cuisine)
National University of Trujillo, Peru (Diploma Food Quality Control)​​​​
- 10분: 인사
- 10분: 메뉴 소개
- 60분: 시연과 실습
- 90분: 식사
- 10분: 마무리
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- 수업일 10일전 취소 시: 환불불가
- 수업일 11일전: 100% 환불가능
주소 : 서울시 마포구 양화로 78-9
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찾아오시는 길: 마포구 양화로 78-9 102호 (합정역 3번 출구 도보 3분)
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